Regular and Seasonal Auto Maintenance in Yarrow Point

regular auto maintenance, seasonal auto maintenanceIt’s vital that you schedule regular auto maintenance in Yarrow Point, Washington. This is particularly true when you consider changing seasons. Even minor temperature fluctuations can impact your car or truck’s performance, which is why you should always schedule a seasonal maintenance appointment at an auto repair center. Keep these important auto maintenance tasks in mind each season in Yarrow Point.

1. Fluid Check

One of the most important seasonal auto maintenance tasks is a fluid check. Because liquid evaporates, especially in hotter weather, you should expect to stop by an auto shop for a top-off a few times a year. In many cases, your auto technician will check the condition of your fluids each time to schedule a regular auto maintenance appointment.

2. Tire Inspection

It only takes a temperature change of 10 degrees to impact the air pressure in your tires. To ensure your safety and the longevity of your vehicle, it’s a good idea to have an auto technician perform a seasonal tire inspection. This auto maintenance task is particularly important if you plan to do any traveling.

3. Exterior Wash and Wax

The internal workings of your vehicle shouldn’t be your only concern. While the way your car or truck looks won’t impact the need for auto repairs, it is still an important part of regular auto maintenance. When you let dirt or salt sit on your vehicle for too long it can cause damage. To keep your car or truck looking and functioning like new, make sure you set aside a little time to wash and wax it several times a year.

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