Helpful Auto Transmission Maintenance Tips in Hunts Point

Transmission maintenance tips

How much do you really know about proper transmission maintenance in Hunts Point, Washington? While most drivers are a little familiar with the various components of their vehicle, most are not aware that there are things they can do now to help their car or truck last longer. Basic auto maintenance, like oil changes and tire rotations, is important, but your transmission requires additional attention from a trained auto technician. Auto transmission repair and replacement can be costly, so keep the following transmission maintenance tips in mind so you’ll avoid unnecessary trips to an auto repair center in Hunts Point. 

Schedule Service Regularly

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your auto transmission running far into the future. Transmission maintenance tip: ask your technician to perform any necessary maintenance on your transmission every time you visit the auto shop.

Request Synthetic Fluids

There are many different kinds of transmission fluid available. While many drivers choose the cheapest option, this isn’t always best. Transmission maintenance tip: always request synthetic fluids. These last much longer and are more heat resistant.

Have a Transmission Cooler Installed

It’s also a good idea to ask your technician about auto transmission coolers. While this upgrade isn’t necessary, it will keep your transmission from getting too hot. Heat can do a lot of damage to your vehicle over time. 

Looking for an Auto Transmission Expert in Hunts Point?

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Auto Transmission Experts in Hunts Point

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