Fine Auto Detailing in the Redmond Area

auto detailingDo you plan to give your car a good, thorough hand wash in your driveway, but just never seem to find the time? Do you instead take it to an automatic car wash even though you know that’s usually not a good idea for your car’s finish? Harsh detergents, high-pressure water, stiff brushes on your vehicle – there are many good reasons to bring your vehicle in for auto detailing in Redmond instead.

The auto detailing crew at Harvey’s Auto Service takes a personalized approach to each car, and we’re very, well … detailed. Regular auto detailing protects your vehicle from issues that can damage it’s appearance.

Exterior Auto Detailing in Redmond

Dirt, oxidation, road tar and insect residuals can damage your vehicle’s finish more than you think. Like sandpaper on your car’s exterior surfaces, leaving the minerals and abrasive surfaces of dirt particles on your paint, chrome and other exterior surfaces degrades them over time and causes loss of luster and protection from the elements.

Road tar from paved surfaces often attaches to your vehicle as you drive, and if left there long enough, can permanently stain to your paint. Special solvents must be used to remove it, while not damaging the paint beneath. And regular exposure to direct sunlight can dull the finish on your car. ‘Oxidation’ leaves a chalky white residue on your vehicle that won’t come off with regular washing. It’s best removed with a combination of ‘claying’ (use of a clay bar) and special rubbing and polishing compounds, and buffing to restore and protect the detailing

You may not think of bug residue as hazardous to your car’s finish, but it can really eat at your car’s paint. Containing acidic compounds, if left too long it leaves small holes in your paint that look like pebble damage. Regular car washes don’t remove insect residue well, but thorough auto detailing gets rid of insect remains before they take the life from your car’s finish.

Interior Auto Detailing in Redmond

Whether your vehicle’s interior is leather, vinyl or cloth, we have just the right compounds to get it thoroughly clean and deep-down softened and protected.  From windows and headliners to seatbelts and carpets, you can trust your car’s interior to our cleaning experts. Call Harvey’s Auto Service for expert, affordable auto detailing today, and don’t forget we also offer quality auto repairs, collision repairs and tire services in Redmond and the surrounding area.

Auto Detailing Keeps Your Car Looking Great

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