Is It Time for Engine Maintenance in Bellevue?

engine maintenance

Are you worried that your vehicle’s engine is failing in Bellevue, Washington? While proper engine maintenance can help prevent the need for engine repair, a trip to the auto repair center could still be necessary. This is especially true for drivers who traveled a lot throughout the holidays, because excess driving puts additional strain of your vehicle. Fortunately, your car or truck will find ways to alert you to trouble when it does arise. If you notice any of the following situations, you should schedule engine maintenance with an auto technician in Bellevue right away. 

Reduced Power

One of the first signs your vehicle needs engine maintenance is reduced power. You’ll likely notice this most when you attempt to accelerate. Take your car or truck to an auto shop if it seems to struggle reaching higher speeds.

Loud Noises

The presence of loud and unfamiliar noises is another indicator that engine maintenance might be necessary. Loud knocking sounds when you speed up or slow down, in particular, need to be addressed in a timely manner.

Increased Exhaust

Not only is excess exhaust a sign you need engine maintenance, but it’s also very bad for the environment. If you notice an increase in blue, white, or black exhaust, schedule an appointment for service and repair right away. 

Need to Schedule Engine Maintenance in Bellevue?

Do you need to schedule engine maintenance in Bellevue, Washington? Now that you know the signs of engine trouble, you’ll be able to spot trouble much earlier. Taking action early can prevent further damage to your vehicle. To receive expert diagnoses, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care, contact Harvey’s Auto Service in Redmond today! Our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians will be happy to run engine diagnostics to determine the underlying cause of the problem. You can also count on us for superior collision repair services. 

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Helpful Auto Transmission Maintenance Tips in Hunts Point

Transmission maintenance tips

How much do you really know about proper transmission maintenance in Hunts Point, Washington? While most drivers are a little familiar with the various components of their vehicle, most are not aware that there are things they can do now to help their car or truck last longer. Basic auto maintenance, like oil changes and tire rotations, is important, but your transmission requires additional attention from a trained auto technician. Auto transmission repair and replacement can be costly, so keep the following transmission maintenance tips in mind so you’ll avoid unnecessary trips to an auto repair center in Hunts Point. 

Schedule Service Regularly

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your auto transmission running far into the future. Transmission maintenance tip: ask your technician to perform any necessary maintenance on your transmission every time you visit the auto shop.

Request Synthetic Fluids

There are many different kinds of transmission fluid available. While many drivers choose the cheapest option, this isn’t always best. Transmission maintenance tip: always request synthetic fluids. These last much longer and are more heat resistant.

Have a Transmission Cooler Installed

It’s also a good idea to ask your technician about auto transmission coolers. While this upgrade isn’t necessary, it will keep your transmission from getting too hot. Heat can do a lot of damage to your vehicle over time. 

Looking for an Auto Transmission Expert in Hunts Point?

Are you looking for an auto transmission expert in Hunts Point, Washington? Taking proper care of your vehicle now can save you time and money. The professionals at Harvey’s Auto Service in Redmond can help! One of our highly-trained and experienced technicians will be happy to assist with all of your transmission needs. We pride ourselves on providing expert advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer care. You can also count on us for superior collision repair services. 

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Qualities of a Reliable Auto Shop in Hunts Point

reliable auto shopAre you having problems with your car or truck in Hunts Point, Washington? Maybe it’s time to schedule auto maintenance? If your vehicle should be seen by an auto technician, it’s important to find a reliable auto shop. But how can you tell the reliable auto repair centers from the duds? Fortunately, there are actually a number of ways to distinguish a quality shop from less desirable ones. Keep these qualities in mind as you search for a good auto shop in Hunts Point.

Positive Customer Feedback

One of the best ways to distinguish a reliable auto shop from the rest is positive customer feedback. Many companies will have recent reviews posted on their websites. In some cases, however, you may have to use a third-party website to find real customer comments. A reliable auto shop will always have an abundance of positive reviews. Continue Reading →

Important Car Tire Facts for Drivers in Clyde Hill

car tire factsHow much do you really know about your car tires in Clyde Hill, Washington? As a car owner, it’s absolutely imperative that you take proper care of your vehicle’s tires. Receiving regular tire maintenance at your local auto repair center will help your tires last longer and perform better, as well as keep you and your passengers safe on the road. While tire maintenance is essential, many drivers actually know very little about it. To ensure that you know how to care for your car tires in Clyde Hill, consider the following car tire facts.

Temperature Changes Matter

It’s a fact that fluctuating temperatures can have a huge impact on your car tires. This is because a shift of as little as 10 degrees can alter your tire pressure. It’s unsafe to drive your vehicle with low tire pressure, especially during rainy and snowy conditions. If you notice a change in weather, check your tire pressure before driving. Continue Reading →

Regular and Seasonal Auto Maintenance in Yarrow Point

regular auto maintenance, seasonal auto maintenanceIt’s vital that you schedule regular auto maintenance in Yarrow Point, Washington. This is particularly true when you consider changing seasons. Even minor temperature fluctuations can impact your car or truck’s performance, which is why you should always schedule a seasonal maintenance appointment at an auto repair center. Keep these important auto maintenance tasks in mind each season in Yarrow Point.

1. Fluid Check

One of the most important seasonal auto maintenance tasks is a fluid check. Because liquid evaporates, especially in hotter weather, you should expect to stop by an auto shop for a top-off a few times a year. In many cases, your auto technician will check the condition of your fluids each time to schedule a regular auto maintenance appointment.

2. Tire Inspection

It only takes a temperature change of 10 degrees to impact the air pressure in your tires. To ensure your safety and the longevity of your vehicle, it’s a good idea to have an auto technician perform a seasonal tire inspection. This auto maintenance task is particularly important if you plan to do any traveling. Continue Reading →

Sammamish Auto Repair: Is Your Engine Overheating?

engine overheating, Sammamish auto repairIs your car or truck engine overheating in Sammamish, Washington? You may need expert auto repair. While an overheating engine isn’t incredibly uncommon, not everyone is familiar with how to address the situation properly in the moment. It can be particularly scary if there isn’t an auto shop nearby. Take these steps immediately, and then schedule auto repair in Sammamish as soon as possible.

1. Turn Off Your Vehicle

The first step to dealing with an overheating engine is to turn off your car or truck. Even if you know an auto repair center is nearby, you need to stop driving immediately. Continuing to drive with an overheated engine is dangerous and can cause more damage to your vehicle.

2. Let the Engine Cool

While you may be tempted to get back on the road as soon as possible, you must let your engine cool. Your auto technician would do the same. Until your engine has cooled completely, do not attempt to touch the radiator cap.

3. Add More Coolant

Once cool, it’s time to add more coolant. If you don’t have any on hand, you should contact roadside assistance or a tow company to take you in for auto repairs. Continue Reading →

A Woman’s Guide to Basic Car Maintenance in White

basic car maintenance, car maintenance womanEvery woman should have at least some understanding of basic car maintenance elements in White, Washington. While you may think you’ll always have easy access to an auto shop, some situations require a level of self-sufficiency. Take time to learn about the following basic car maintenance tasks in White. You can also call Harvey’s Auto Service in Redmond to expert assistance.

Changing a Flat Tire

Unfortunately, flats rarely occur right next to a service center. It’s worth taking some time to learn how to change your vehicle’s tires. If you’re in a potentially dangerous place, however, always call for roadside tire services.

Replacing Windshield Wipers

While your auto technician probably has always performed this car maintenance task for you, learning how to replace windshield wipers takes no time at all.

Responding to Warning Signs

Your vehicle is actually very good at telling you when car maintenance or repair is necessary. It’s important to become familiar with your dashboard warning lights, and the auto repairs related to those lights, so you can respond appropriately. Continue Reading →

Auto Repair in Kirkland: Understanding Dashboard Lights

dashboard lightsAre you familiar with the dashboard lights on your vehicle in Kirkland, Washington? These warning lights activate when there’s a problem with your car or truck, and generally indicate it’s time for auto repair. Understanding what each of these lights means can be extremely helpful. You should never ignore them. Remember these common dashboard lights, and seek auto repair from a qualified technician in Kirkland if one activates.


When a dashboard light shaped like an engine activates, it can actually indicate a variety of issues. While auto repair may be necessary, a service center technician will need to run a diagnostic to identify the specific problem.

Oil Can

The dashboard light shaped like an oil can means your vehicle is running low on oil or that there’s an issue with oil pressure. Take your car to an auto shop for auto repair right away, as driving in this condition can cause serious damage.


This dashboard light is generally an exclamation mark inside a circle or parenthesis. Seek auto repairs immediately because brake malfunctions can be extremely dangerous for you and your passengers. Continue Reading →

Ask These Auto Repair Questions to Find a Specialist in Kirkland

auto repair questionsDo you need expert auto maintenance or repair in Kirkland, Washington? Whether it’s time for a simple oil change or you need extensive vehicle repairs, it’s important that you find an auto shop you can trust. With so many companies out there, however, it can be difficult to know which one is best. Not every shop is equally good, and it’s true that you often get what you pay for. Remember to ask these auto repair questions when looking for a new specialist in Kirkland.

1. Have you worked on this make and model before?

When speaking with a prospective auto repair specialist, it’s important to verify that they’ve worked on your vehicle’s make and model before. This is especially important if you drive an exotic car or truck.

2. Are you a member of any automotive associations?

You should also ask the auto repair specialist if they belong to any automotive associations, such as AAA and Automotive Service Association. This speaks to the quality of service the shop’s auto technicians provide. Continue Reading →

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Engine Maintenance in Woodinville

engine maintenanceRegular engine maintenance is essential for your vehicle to function properly in Woodinville, Washington. Scheduling recommended maintenance will help prevent expensive vehicle repairs over time. Fortunately, there are several clear indicators that there’s trouble brewing in your engine. Contact a reliable auto shop in Woodinville for engine maintenance if your vehicle is experiencing any of the following symptoms:

1. Noticeably Thick Exhaust

Normal vehicle exhaust will be light in appearance and disappear quickly. If you notice exhaust that is thicker or darker than usual, you may require engine maintenance. This should be addressed right away, because heavy exhaust can also cause an oily, black residue to develop. If left too long, professional auto detailing services may be needed to remove it. Continue Reading →