Winter Auto Maintenance Tips in Clyde Hill

winter auto maintenance, winter maintenance, cold weather maintenanceIs your vehicle ready for winter in Clyde Hill, Washington? With cold weather fast approaching, it’s important to schedule any needed auto maintenance before it arrives. Winter weather’s cold conditions can be extremely hard on your car or truck. If there are unknown or unaddressed issues present, the following months could result in an expensive trip to an auto repair center. Be proactive now by scheduling these important cold weather auto maintenance services with an auto technician in Clyde Hill right away.

Light Check

Winter months are characterized by shorter days. That means you may find yourself driving in the dark more often. As a result, an important aspect of winter auto maintenance is performing a light check. Either you or your local auto shop should replace any blown bulbs.

Battery Voltage Test

You should also have your local auto repair shop volt-test your battery. It’s important to ensure that you do this winter auto maintenance task because cold weather puts a strain on your battery. The time to replace it is now. Continue Reading →