Trusted Tire Service in the Redmond Area

tire serviceFor expert tire service at great prices in Redmond, look no further than Harvey’s Auto Service. Locally owned and operated and heavily involved in the community, you can trust us for great tire brands and values when it’s time to replace your tires.  And if you need assistance with your current tires, we offer a full range of tire services.

Tire Rotation and Balancing

Most tire manufacturers recommend you rotate your tires every 5,000 miles for even tread wear and extended tread life. And properly balanced tires gives you a smooth, safe ride while also greatly extending tread life.

Brake Inspection & Service

tire serviceIt’s a good idea to get a brake system inspection at the same time you have your tires rotated – every six months or so. We check the thickness of brake pads and/or shoes, and rotors and/or drums, as well as all other brake hardware.

Wheel Alignment

Regular wear and tear, or hitting a curb or a pothole can knock your car out of alignment. Poor wheel alignment negatively affects your tires, steering, and the safety of your vehicle – especially around corners at higher speeds. If your car’s steering is pulling to the right or the left, or it’s difficult to steer through turns at higher speeds, rely on the expert wheel alignment technicians at Harvey’s Auto Service to fix the problem.

Suspension Repair

tire serviceKeeping your suspension system in good repair is key to a comfortable, safe drive. Responsible for keeping your ride smooth balanced, controlled and safe, your suspension plays a vital role.  If you’re hearing strange knocking or squeaking noises over bumps, or your car bounces through corners and after hitting a bump, give us a call or come see us. We inspect and replace shocks and struts to ensure your suspension system is working properly.

Harvey’s Auto Service is your trusted source for tire service in Redmond and the surrounding area, and we can also provide affordable, thorough auto repair and collision repair and auto detailing.  Come see us today!

Expert Tire Service in the Redmond Area

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